The Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame has joined with the Clymer Museum and Western Art Association to make the Western Culture & Art Center (WCAC), 416 N. Pearl, a showcase for art, culture, and western history. ERHOF now leases the old Downtown Pharmacy space from the Clymer Museum. ERHOF stores its large and valuable collection in the WCAC’s spacious upstairs, where ERHOF also maintains an office headquarters. ERHOF exhibits continuously in the old pharmacy, with shows celebrating the founding of the rodeo, women in the Ellensburg Rodeo, the role of Indians, trick riders and clowns, ropers, All-Around Champions, specialty acts, the inducted Animals that reached national fame, and much more.


ERHOF has collected hundreds of photographs, posters, jewelry, prize buckles, programs, costumes, saddles, films, programs and many other historical artifacts from the Ellensburg Rodeo donated by local and national competitors, participants, volunteers, and their families.

The following pictures are only small sample of the items in Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame’s large collection:


Lifetime Members:

Steve Alder
Anderson Hay and Grain
Arlein Anderson
Sara Lee Anderson-O’Conner
Mike Allen Family
Don and Ann Bucklin Family
Marla Bernth
Rollie Bernth
Sandy Bryan
Robert Burkheimer Family
Cashmere Valley Bank
Sherry Chamberlain

Joe and Roylene Crawford Family
Ron Crawford
Paul Crites
Mary Ann Culbertson-Bonnie
Douglas Dicken
Linda Dozier
Ellensburg Rodeo Board of Directors
Allen Faltus
Barbara and John P. Foster Family
Patricia Galloway Family
Steve Gordon
Ron and Kevin Graham Family

Robert Heavilin
Zora Holmes Family
Jan Ludtka
Dr. Ken MacRae
Doug and Val Driver Family
Scott Driver Family
Bill and Jan McKay Family
Joe McManamy Family
Gene Miles
Les and Venetta Miller Family
Joe, Mary, and Jennifer O’Leary Family
Nancy Driver Padilla Family

Fred Palmiero Family

Teri Phillip
Frank and Ann Reed Family
Scott Repp
Terri and Paul Schaake Family
Scott and Kay Shelton Family
Judi Thomas Cortes
Top Hands
Roger Weaver

Annual Sustaining Members:


Fitterer’s Furniture
Hillcrest Farms


Robert and Louise Acheson
Ken and Laurie Armstrong
Harry and Margaret Carthum
Doug and Val Driver
Andy and Laurie Erickson
Rod and Barbara Gooseman

Warren and Patricia Hall
Estelle Johnson Family
David and Sherry Kaufman
Jerry and Anna Lael
Jeff and Ann Leichleiter
Kent Lester and Lisa Murray

Steve and Sydney Moe
Pete and Susan Romano
Gary and Jody Rempel
Joel and Marie Smith
Mitch and Jami Truax
Nip and Jody Tucker


Daniel Beard
Carl Beedle
Nate Bradshaw
John Brotherton
Dominic Cavinaw
Kim C. Coe
Connie Dunnington

Clem and Paula Ehoff
Chuck and Kathy Fleming
Jim Gibbons
Roberta Haire
Andrew Hatlested
Becky Hollenbeck
Barbara Hode

Donna Hougnon
Edna Madsen
Dick Mundy
Mark O’Neil
Jim Pappas
Randy and Shirley Schroers
Dave Standish

Julie Billeter Stevens
Julie Virden
Jack Wallace
Jeanette Whiteman
Krissy Yarnell