Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame

The Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame Association (ERHOF) is a
non-profit organization founded in 1997 to preserve
the history and traditions of the Ellensburg Rodeo.


On display at our Western Culture and Art Center Museum.


All membership monies go toward annual operation expenses allowing ERHOF to honor our inductees and the history of the Ellensburg Rodeo.

Rodeo Night at the Museum

The Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame welcomes rodeo fans and the interested public to attend an 8-part speaker series: Rodeo Night at the Museum. The speaker series will celebrate the 100 years of the Ellensburg Rodeo: 1923 to 2023.

The events will be on the 23rd of the month- January to August at the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame, 414 N. Pearl, Beginning at 7:23PM (1923 on the 24-hour clock). The event will be free of charge. 

100th Dinner

Come join us in celebrating 100 years of the
Ellensburg Rodeo and the Elks Building

June 14, 2023

Rodeo History

The Ellensburg Rodeo is steeped in traditions. The men and women who founded the Ellensburg Rodeo in 1923 were ranchers, farmers, Indians, and community-minded citizens working in a group effort of huge proportions. They were motivated not only by a desire to celebrate a vanishing frontier way of life, but also by a desire to promote their community and generate commerce. From their efforts, Washington State’s world famous Ellensburg Rodeo was born.

Hall of Fame


The Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame has joined with the Clymer Museum and Western Art Association to make the Western Culture & Art Center (WCAC), 416 N. Pearl, a showcase for art, culture, and western history.

ERHOF now leases the old Downtown Pharmacy space from the Clymer Museum. ERHOF stores its large and valuable collection in the WCAC’s spacious upstairs, where ERHOF also maintains an office headquarters. ERHOF exhibits continuously in the old pharmacy, with shows celebrating the founding of the rodeo, women in the Ellensburg Rodeo, the role of Indians, trick riders and clowns, ropers, All-Around Champions, specialty acts, the inducted Animals that reached national fame, and much more.


Hall of Fame – Virtual Tour

Historical ARTIFACTS